About - photographer Miriam Andrea Joems

Miriam Andrea Joems discovered the value of photography at the age of 18 when she was selected to be a Fredskorpser (participant of the peacekorps) in India for almost a year. A part of the program was to bring experiences from abroad back to Norway, and it resulted in her first photography exhibition. A “masalamix” of photos, presented as presentation of India, seen through the lense of a young Norwegian girl.

After her first exhibition, coincidence took her on the road of becoming a blogger for NKS Nettstudier and accomplishing their photographycourse, “Å fortelle med bilder”. Furthermore she spend half a year at the Oslo FotoKunst Skole as well as a semester at the master level in “Documentary Photography” at Høgskolen I Volda, by the guidance of the highly acknowledged Magnum photographer Stuart Franklin. 

 A 5 days workshop with Lynn Goldsmith at the Norwegianwood Festival in 2015 made one of her photography dreams come true: to photograph her icon Patti Smith on stage. 

 With Oslo (Norway) being her home for the past two years, she also enrolled as one of the bloggers for the popular Norwegian blog “Grønne Jenter”, where she does all the photography for her blogpost herself.

 The past 10 year her main focus and interest has evolved around photographing people. Some of her strongest photos came forth from the result of establishing a trust with the people she photographed, allowing her to capture images otherwise impossible.

 One of her most remarkable photography series is named "Mammae", which features her own mother. "Mammae" came as the result of an unique insight she got when working closely with her mother, who was then being treated for breast cancer. Till this date it is her proudest work.

There is something about Black&White photography. The pureness and clearness. Photography have always been Black&White. And for me it still is. Because photography is all about the atmosphere. The essence. No other styles of photography communicate that better than Black&White. It is straight forward, vulnerable and beautiful at the same time. For me, that is photography, the beauty of Black&White.
— Miriam Andrea Joems

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